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Headlights strange issue ... please help :(

Ok ... a little feedback ...
2013 e92 M3
Had the headlights retrofitted by bayoptiks
Worked great for a couple of months

The problem :
When I start the car (and the car is doing the auto leveling on the the headlights
) the head lights and and all the other lights that come on with the switch turn on and off like three or 4 times and the car repeats the auto leveling ..
As soon as that is done .. everything goes back to normal .. lights move as the should ... or at least I think they do .. no errors on the dash
If I turn the car on with the switch in on instead of auto (headlight switch ) head lights turn on and nothing happens ... everything normal ..

Things I have done ..
Remove the headlights ... clean all connections verify inside to see everything is in place ...
Remove and clean ballast and adaptive modules
Tried unplugging one headlight assembly and turned on te see if I could isolate the problem ... (same result)

What the fk can this be ??