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Originally Posted by Ti-Jean View Post
Fully agree with you on the point by in advanced group. It's nice to get one going into a turn so there's no question if the car in front saw you or not.

I was there at the event in advanced and had a great time. Lots of track time at Speed District events My suggestion to make the event even better would be to put a lap time cutoff for each group. This would help avoid 50mph cars in Riverside.

Anyway, back on topic... Here is one of my favorite track picture, trying to explore the best line through the corkscrew. For the record, this was not the best line Being serious now, braked a bit too late over the bump just before the turn, ABS ice mode kicked in, ran out of braking room, and here is the result...
looks like you studied the wrong video for this track day. was it this one?