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Originally Posted by surlynkid
Spiff - I just want to make sure I understand what you posted. If you are running tires that require 2-3 laps to heat up (or whatever reason) and I am not, I expect a point if I am in your mirrors and was not the last time you looked. Why does it matter if it is lap 2 of the first day? In the summer especially, my best laps will be early when it is cool. I am not waiting for the afternoon heat to do my best. If you want to run that session at 7/10, go for it, but my tires are hot after one out lap. If you are purposefully not pointing cars by and there is no yellow flag, that is a problem. Is that what you posted? It sure seemed like you were saying that you were playing traffic police.
Not playing traffic police at all.

I understand how weather can heat things up faster, completely, and some prefer running faster when it's cooler. That's fine-

I'm just commenting on previous posts and a response to my initial post about me holding people up, certainly not on purpose.

Funny thing is all this talk about advanced group open passing yet people getting pissed waiting for me to point them by, and slower drivers in the way.

The point of advanced is that experienced drivers know how to not only pass people in an open environment, but to understand that in an open-passing scenario you STAY ON YOUR LINE so the passer can make their own move based on your previously established lines(and not have to worry about a pass because their line should remain consistent). So it should be of no surprise where I am going and my speed shouldn't be a problem, and should allow the passer to mozy on by at their pace.

Clearly, there were drivers that were misplaced in some of the groups, that's a problem that will always occur.

Ludicrously slower speeds mid-turn and obviously misplaced drivers certainly makes for a dangerous track environment.

Again, there was a learning curve for me knowing how the drivers of advanced group would run with this organization, and there is clearly still one for some of the people in it. I'm not trying to be a dick or that guy forcing other people to not get around me. I hate those people too, trust me-.

It can be a tough situation to judge sometimes as well because personally it can be motivating having someone creep on you, and sometimes i don't want to pass someone because maybe I want to try and hang with them consistently (and sometimes they appreciate the continuing proximity too).

It all boils down to mindsets and goals, some people never ever want to be held up for a split second because every lap is a hot lap and heaven forbid if they have to work for a pass- and some can take a deep breath and use their experience to hone their line, not their speed (both of which should improve simultaneously).

It probably wouldn't hurt to have more than a minute conversation 30 seconds before gridding about the expectations and guidelines of the run groups.
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