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Originally Posted by Jon H
Originally Posted by spiff View Post
Recently at Buttonwillow with SpeedDistrict. Great group except there were a ton of offs because no one likes to use warm up laps.

Ran Apex Arc 8 18x10 with BFG R1 in 275/35-18. Loved it. RBF600 fluid and Pagid Yellows in the front. Zero fade.
No offense, but in the earlier part of the day, you were holding up people (multiple complaints) on the track. I understand that Advanced group doesn't require a point by, but it's nice to still do it so the passer knows that you see them. Later in the day, I noticed you were pointing people by. Well, at least me. Just make sure you check those mirrors.

Overall, a great day. Advanced group had a lot of people there, some that really didn't belong. I have a picture of the times for a 12pm session and there was 3 cars with a 2:19+ as their fast lap. There was also an AMG Merc that signed up for Advanced I'm guessing because of his car and was obviously a n00b. Braking in the middle of Riverside doing what felt like 50mph. Ugh.
No offense taken at all.

The biggest thing to understand at the track is that people have many different mindsets and goals. Some like to attack the track for the hottest lap time the first session out.

We know who they are and what happens.. They go off or something breaks. And sometimes they are just really fast. That doesn't qualify them as experienced. Anyone with real experience knows you warm up first. No one would bat an eye at you pacing yourself until temps are up with experienced drivers or people who have done any formal track education.

The topic hard to address is if you divide groups based on time or experience. These were divided by experience. Which realistically shouldn't mean that people running 2:20s shouldn't be in advanced.

It's unfortunate and I can see why someone would get upset with me not pointing them by in the first two laps of the first half of the day. I'm not going to say I know their track-resume, but it would be safe to assume some things.

I ALWAYS point by anyone I know is approaching fast- but it was my first time with speed district and took a few sessions to gauge how antsy everyone was.

Coming out of pits and not running at 10/10ths and not pointing you by...sorry being "that guy".

Also, by the second half of the day there were red-banded(advanced) people running in beginner which REQUIRES point by... And they were passing without them. Just another thing to note- maybe they were the ones complaining about me too? Great learning environment for the people relying on a point by.

Either way- I'll definitely run with Speed District again, obviously with more awareness of the driver's expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of track time and was a generally great group of people!
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