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Originally Posted by surlynkid View Post
2:20 versus 1:52 is too quick of a closing speed to me, but if that 2:20 driver is extremely safe and aware and giving points, I'd rather have that car in my group than some nut job that can run the pace but is unsafe and unaware. I see 1:48 cars on track at TWS along with 2:10 cars. That is a little less gap, but you better know you are the 2:10 guy and watch your mirrors. The guys that irritate me are the ones that just got promoted that day and proceed to immediately grid first. Puhhleeeze, grid further back.
1:52 on that configuration on that hot day is stupid fast, basically almost cup car fast. I'd probably have a hard time get sub 1:56 with fresh R6s on that configuration.