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Originally Posted by garek View Post
I think I'm going to pull the trigger on this kit. Thanks rldzhao for the write-up. In your install write-up you mentioned that you replaced some nuts and bolts. Specifically were those the caliper bolts and the rotor retaining bolts?

I've searched, but couldn't find any definitive results - does anybody know the factory torque specs for the caliper bolts and rotor retaining bolts? Thanks.
Caliper bracket bolts that hold the bracket onto the front steering knuckle - 18mm head - torque to 90 ft-lbs.

The rotor retaining bolts are only there to keep the rotor from falling off when there's no wheel in place - 7 or 8 ft-lbs is all that's needed. I recommend an anti-sieze compound on these as well so they don't freeze in place.

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