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Originally Posted by Sebringjetta View Post
install takes maybe 10min at most...removing the oem wheel is the time consuming part if you have never don it... once the oem wheel is removed the race hub/adapter slides over the the colum...if i remember correctly you torque the center main bolt to 46lbs...from there you use the allen screws that are supplied to attach the wheel to the hub/ just need to make sure you are center so before you tighten down the the center main bolt may need to make minor adjustments to the adapter by rotating 1 or 2 notches to the left or right....

so over all im personally very happy with the far the suede on the omp wheel has held up very nice... it grips well with gloves....the main thing you will need to decide is what size wheel works best with you..alot of wheels out there are in this case my omp wheel is a little smaller probably close to 300-310..most would say its too small but is a personal choice...also some wheels have a cutout for your thumbs at about 3oclock and 9 oclock position and some are straight with no cutout...most love the look and feel for the cutouts for the thumbs but once again each person is different...overall im very happy with the omp wheel but it might be a little extreme for street use as you will no longer have an airbag and you will have to deal with not having a wheel angel sensor and in that case could eliminate your traction control.... you will need to do a search and look into the wheel angel sensor if you are unsure what im referring to...

the momo adapter was good quality...i decided not to run a omp center cap on my wheel so i painted the inside of the hub black but over all fitment and build quality was i went with the race adapter so did not have to deal with the horn connections so the street version might be a different story

also i have owned a sparco wheel in my e46 and was very happy with it so i recomend sparco as well..not sure if this helped any but best of luck..hope you find one that works for you