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335i Lease is almost up, I finally made a decision

I have been shopping for a couple of months for a replacement for my 335i e90. I have been cross shopping stuff that nobody has ever cross shopped!
Here is a list:

1. Mini Cooper S or JCW. I like the idea of a light weight car (relatively) and I like small cars. In the end, I just couldn't do it, not enough value for the money for me.

2. I looked at an E92 M3, again not the value for money, it is good and the DCT it awesome, but again the value wasn't there for me. I expected better steering feel, but the engine and trans are awesome.

3. Mustang 5.0, I was very impressed with this car too. If it was about $4,000 less I probably would a purchased one, but it was close to $40,000 the way I wanted it, and I know I would have put suspension and wheels on it.

4. Porsche 997 was on my list, but I really want the GT3, the wife hates it an I have a 6 month old and need a back seat. It will have to wait.

5. I was very close to ordering a 135i, I think it is about the perfect size (the size the 3 series coupe should be), I think its ugly, but in a charming way. The way I had it configured it was $43,xxx and I thought damn, thats a lot of cash for a 1 series, especially when I saw a 2008 550i with 17,xxx miles for $43,000.......

So I am in the other BMW section, so wtf did I buy today???

That same lot (with whom I have experience) had one of these! 2008 17,000 miles, every option available I believe (orig MSRP is over $98,000). It looked like good value for the money, and it has a full year of warranty left, I will probably extend it if I keep the car.

Thanks for reading! I'm on my way to the gas station!
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