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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
Well, well, well - who'd have guessed that, huh!!!!!?:

I knew you'd like that BB !

Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
On a serious note, great write up - i was thinking of doing this a while ago but it sounded like a lot of money for what seemed like very little track time. I'd be up for a group thing if we can get something organised.
Can't deny that 2 x 15 minute slots didn't sound like much to me either - but to be honest at the end of the second session I was finding it hard to stay focussed. And I ony managed 4mpg!!! As an absolute novice it's more than enough - but if you've done a track day before, you're right, it's probably not the right thing to do. But if you are a novice it is well worth 162 quid!

Also been looking at this: