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Had a right good laugh on this track session - orgainsed by Motor Sport Vision.

Get 2 x 15/20 minute driving sessions blasting round in one of their M3s - also had a couple of laps round with one of their instructors (Stu) who was unbelievably quick and skilled with the drive prog on 6 and all the dsc off!!

Can highly recommend this to novices (like me) - it's a real eye opener on what your car can really do!

PLus, you get 10% discount booking via:

Incidentally, one of their race engineers confirmed that if you want to track your car EDC is a MUST HAVE OPTION to get the maximum out of the cars performance (something to do with riding up on the yaw without it ???!!)

This taster session has really got me in the mood to try another day with them later in the summer - they've got a whole host of cars to thrash around!

Maybe we should do a group session...