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Originally Posted by M3Drivincraze View Post
Ummm no. The reason why all these promo's are out is bc they are having a hard time selling them. I would pay $1500 under MSRP for an '09 but thats it. Considering 08's come with promo financing, selling for invoice OR LESS, and come with 1 day at the M driving school, I would buy an 08, but not from that dealer. I would never even talk to him again.

The fact that he told you to not follow the break in procedure on a car you are going to buy is stupid. That car is probably raped all the time. Buy a virgin, not something that was beat up. Also, I have the tech pkg etc and wouldnt consider a car without one. There are M3's everywhere, keep looking and keep in mind, you can buy one for about $500 under invoice + promo financing.
Also, I asked the sales manager about the One-day M Driving school and he told me that there wasn't any M-school deal involved. I told him once again that I had read it at an online forum, I should have said BMW website, but he continued to say that he was unaware and doubted that there was such a deal. He told me had there been M-driving school, it would have been posted on his 'bulletin'.

Another thing, does 100 miles of 'hard driving' really affect the vehicle much?

The thing is, we have a really good relationship (it may not seem like it now), because my dad has purchased a couple of vehicles in the past 6-7 years, and he has recommended all of his friends to that dealership. There have never been any problems before, so I'm kind of confused whether he's trying to 'hustle' me, or he really just doesn't know. Also, when I test drove the M3, he didn't necessarily tell me to redline it, but kind of hinted that I needed to stay around 5-6 RPMS, because I always shift into the next gear. He told me that this was a car that needed to stay around 5-6k RPMS otherwise I'm just wasting gas.