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Originally Posted by E. Honda View Post
The funnier thing is, there was an Alpine White M3 6MT with EDC and M-Drive and he didn't say anything about it. I know he was trying to play me to drive the M3 off the lot. But, if I were to order the M3, chances are he'd sell it at or above MSRP right?

Ummm no. The reason why all these promo's are out is bc they are having a hard time selling them. I would pay $1500 under MSRP for an '09 but thats it. Considering 08's come with promo financing, selling for invoice OR LESS, and come with 1 day at the M driving school, I would buy an 08, but not from that dealer. I would never even talk to him again.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Why don't you ask him if you can test drive the car?

I test drove my non-ZTP (non-EDC, non-MDrive, non-IDrive) car and bought it soon after. I was always leaning toward going non-ZTP and the drive confirmed my choice. It blows away my E46, which is all I really care about. Have I driven a ZTP equipped car? No. I'm sure that it would be that much cooler, but I don't really need the gizmos to have fun in the car. I stronly suggest you try it out and see what you think. If you are uncertain, ask to drive a ZTP-equipped car too so that you can compare and contrast them. Then you'll know for sure. The car in question (Red on Red coupe) sounds very sweet though, and I'm sure its pretty cheap given its probably lightly optioned and the fact that you can get it at invoice with 1.9%.
The fact that he told you to not follow the break in procedure on a car you are going to buy is stupid. That car is probably raped all the time. Buy a virgin, not something that was beat up. Also, I have the tech pkg etc and wouldnt consider a car without one. There are M3's everywhere, keep looking and keep in mind, you can buy one for about $500 under invoice + promo financing.