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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
I'll post this here since I didn't see a reply to the PM : )

I need some winter tires for the stock 18s I just purchased. I'm in Pittsburgh, so snow performance is definitely important. I had M3s on my STi and liked those a lot ... for a winter tire.

I'm wondering what size you would recommend as well given the width of the rear tires (8.5 and 9.5" respectively).

At this point I'm thinking M3s in 235/45 front and 245/45 rear.

Any issue with running the "taller" tires in front? I would think this will be better for winter.

Are the 245s in the back too narrow for a 9.5" wheel?

The 245/45R18 are a little narrow for the 9.5", as you guessed. They are only recommended up to a 9". The usual way I have been doing the M3's on staggered stock-type wheels is 245/40 front and 255/40 rear. That covers the wheels better, keeps your height more correct and the M3 comes in both sizes.

Non staggered tires on staggered wheels still don't let you rotate front to rear (unless you dismount the tire ), so I usually use that as a last resort to get the tire you want.
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