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Will BMW be next with electric turbos!

This is translated;

Audi wants the "Electric Bi-turbo" new ground (Source: Manufacturer)

A step on the accelerator, a "pause" - and then it's just right. Any driver with a turbocharged engine behind the grill knows the turbo lag. That's more or less deep - but it's still available. With a new technology will Audi now the turbo lag gone once and for all.

Additional electric compressor
They supplement the trick: An additional compressor to assist the turbocharger and thus supply the engine with more air. This compressor is driven electrically, however, and not fired by the exhaust gases.

Higher torque at low speeds
The advantage: The compressor is ready for use and does not need to wait until the turbine of the exhaust energy (this is the "turbo-pause for thought") is driven and can provide more air. A fast anabolic boost pressure and a higher torque at low speeds are the result.

Flap, flap
Audi has switched this e-compressor behind turbocharger and inter-cooler. By so-called bypass the compressor is bypassed if no extra boost is needed - the integrated door is open. Only when a higher request, the flap is closed - and the air for the second time compressed. In the video you can also see how the twin-turbo engine from Audi Electric.

Turbocharger works alone at a later time
The compressor works but only until the regular turbocharger gets going - of course also the power consumption not to drive up.

Costs not yet clear
When the system is ready for production, is still unclear. Likewise, the cost. That this technique is much more expensive than the not uncomplicated combination "compressor plus turbo" but need not be.