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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post

This is sweet looking sport coupe. But, it's truly being made for younger people cause older, wider enthusiasts won't fit in that tiny car, especially with those tight race style seats.
Not quite... I seem to remember to see a lot of 'older, wider enthusiasts' enjoying the US sun while driving their Miatas.

In fact, I think that the kind of performance the 1M or the Cayman S has to offer won't be nearly as fully exploited as the performance in these Subuyotas or Subiyotas (whatever you like to call them) can be... let alone when driven by old people.

When I see an old guy driving a Porsche I can't help myself from thinking... why in hell he needs 300+ hp for cruising?!

Of course, I already know the answer... it was a 'childwood dream'!

In the end, it's all a question of money... I know!