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I actually test drove an M3 with DCT today at the M Power Tour. Like the OP said initially it felt sedate until I went WOT and wow what an engine and the noise it makes is just amazing.

Also what really made it interesting is the M-DCT. I turned on M mode and the upshifts at redline is just a good way. Also the downshifts are literally almost as quick as the upshifts. Now like the OP said the engine sounds tame until you really go at...this idea is the same as when the M-DCT downshifts it does it so quick in M mode you hear the blip very clear...the sound was really something.

Now this is coming from a 135i owner with a manual tranmissions and I know you hear the whole well the M3 lacks low end torque...but I never felt the M3 was lacking that. You can downshift 2-3 gears so quick and you have all that torque right there with no lag. The M3 also seems to rev much quicker than the 135i.

The whole car just seems to come together. The engine, exhaust note when you get on it, DCT, the suspension, and refinement. It truly is a spectacular car and the DCT seriously amazed me. I almost feel like I shouldn't have went to this event because now I really want to buy one haha. Hopefully when I install my procede and KW suspension my 135i will feel closer to the M3.