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Originally Posted by bame_E92 View Post
That is fine if you are not ready to pay it but listen to this...

He is a PRO. He deserves a PRO salary. Pro salary should be in the $65-75/hr range.

If you have a problem paying that for PROfessional service then get a weekend warrior to do it. He is in the business to make money, remember that.
As I said, those prices are more than I'm ready to pay to have my car detailed. In case the OP feels the same way, I gave him some alternatives. If you think $460-630 is reasonable for a "light exterior polishing," I don't mind you paying it.

Also, I don't doubt that he's in the business to make money. $65-75/hr is $135-156k/yr. In the midwest, that's a lot of money. For what it's worth, the guy I used worked professionally as a detailer for a few years before he decided to become a "weekend warrior." Also, the guys at Crystal Clean are definitely professionals with nice facilities and they manage to do great work for a lot less.

In summary, go where you want. I just wanted to give the OP an alternative to the very high-end options he was seeing in this thread.