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Originally Posted by ejazbmw
Actually I haven't driven it - just ordered one. I am looking forward to a real world review (like the one you will write up!) rather than just mag reviews. I only wish I could have driven it!

Originally Posted by mantisG35 View Post
the G35 sedan is about 3500 lbs (not sure of exact number), whereas the G37 coupe is almost 3800 lbs (exactly 3770 lbs)

the car gained about 400 lbs, 51 hp to the wheels (altho new engine only gains 30 hp output, thanks to improved drivetrain) and gained 2 lb/ft torque.
The outgoing G35 coupe 6MT with the rev-up motor weighs 3524 according to Infiniti specifications. The G37 with 6MT weighs 3668 according to the same source. So that means it's gained 144 lbs since the 2007 Coupe. Magazine numbers will vary based on packages. In most of the magazines, 4WAS was fitted, which will add quite a bit of weight.

Also, the engine output increased 37 crank horsepower if we are looking at the 6-speeds (which it seems is what you are comparing judging by the weight and torque figures you used). It was 293 (new SAE) now it's 330.

Using the 6MT again for torque, it gained 12 ft-lbs at the crank (258 up to 270), and that has shown up as ~20 wheel-ft-lbs across most of the rev range according to Automobile mag.

It should be decently faster than the outgoing G35 coupe, but not a whole lot faster than the new G35 sedan. It has gained about 150 lbs (plus option packages) but a fair amount of both wheel horsepower and wheel torque, when using consistent numbers.