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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
Speak for yourself please. As I stated, this would be perfect for what I would use it for if I had a desktop instead of my MBP.

And what features is it missing from the iPhone?

Multi-Touch? Check
3G? Check
GPS? Check( on 3G models)
App Store? Check
ITMS? Check
16 GB storage?Check( up to 64 GB which is more then iPhone)
No contract? Check( again better then iPhone)
Able to pair with BT keyboards? Check( again better then iPhone)

The only thing the iPad is missing is the camera and ear piece. No camera is a disappointment, but not a deal breaker for me. GPS is useless on the WiFi models as when you would be using the GPS, you most likely be out of range of any wireless routers to load the maps.
The 3g model still doesn't have gps. It uses your wireless signal to give you a guesstimite of where you are.