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You don't need a physics degree to see this in action. Next time you are in the grocery store get a big box of kitty litter and put it in the front of an empty shopping cart. Next, turn the cart around a corner and see how difficult it is. Now, move the kitty litter to the back of the cart closest to you and take the same turn. You will notice that it is much easier to turn the cart when the mass is closest to you. This is the same idea with the wheel. The mass is the same but it's distance from the center of rotation affects the force required to change it's direction. Resistance to change in direction is the layman's definition of inertia. It may not seem like an inch on a wheel would make much of a difference but then again, we are talking about hundreds of rpm, not a shopping cart hanging a left in the parking lot. Realistically, there wouldn't be much seat of the pants change in straight line acceleration with all things equal, grip, rolling diameter etc. There would, however, be a difference in seat of the pants acceleration if the rolling diameter changed which would cause a change in effective gear ratio. Hope that helps!