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Originally Posted by Mike00 View Post
You live in MD I see. If you were daily driving do you think you could get away with just the beamer in our neck of the woods with snows tires in the winter? I really don't need to drive to work if we have real snow but if I'm out in my car i don't want some flurries to impact my ability to get home. As long as I enjoy the test drives this weekend I'm pretty well set on one of these cars and this is a big deciding factor for me. Because from what I've read the 335ix will just not keep up with the s4. The 335i is a better comparison etc..

Insurance is surprisingly cheap on these cars so quite frankly I can't find any other deciding factor other than test drive and the awd piece.
Consider that I drove a 280Z in Northern Michigan and I did not have a choice about going to work or not. This was during cold war days and we flew regardless of the amount of snow on the road. That said, I used studded snow tires and bags of sand in the back. (I also have some pro-rally experience from that time.)

Today, I use summer tires year round. If it is slippery, my 135I will not make it out of my driveway which is 300 feet long with a very steep hill. When it snows, I park the Avalanche and the Audi at the top of the driveway (at street level). It is unlikely that any car/truck will stop before going into the woods behind the house if the driveway is icy. The Porsches are great in a few inches of snow with the right tires (I drove one in Northern Maine). The majority of other drivers in this area have little experience on snow and ice and and are out to impress each other with their four-wheel-drive driving prowess. There are lots on intersection incidents and out of control lane crossings.

To more directly answer your question -- I am comfortable about my ability to keep the car on the road and headed in the right direction; but, I am terrified of the other drivers when conditions deteriorate. The two wheel drive BMW suffers from the lack of limited slip and overly intrusive driving aids. But; if it snows and you have proper tires and some weight in the trunk, you should have no problems when faced with unexpected light snow, provided you exercise caution. While I drive with the aids off on the track or the skid pad, I would never turn them off for daily driving.

FWIW -- I have no background with any F-20 series BMW.
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