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Can I get Runflats on the M3

Right!!! from the postings I have read, I’m about to blaspheme.
I want to find out if I can put run flats on an M3…and if so what modifications, if any, would I have to make… and what make of tyres should I be looking at

Let me explain:
I drive a 335i coupe in Nigeria where we do not have pot holes but what I describe as pot-wells.
In over 12,000km I have lost just one tyre and my wheels are intact. I put this down to the extra tough side walls on run flats. As a comparison, my wife’s Range Rover has lost a wheel and two tyres in 8,000km.
For my next car, I am aiming for either an M3 or Cayman S.
If the M3, then runflats are a must as the 19inch wheels which I consider a must-have will help avoid me changing tyres almost daily.

Any advice out there??