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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
Good thing nobody's forcing you to buy or drive one.

I could help shorten all of your posts without changing your points either seeing as it's been the same thing every time. Just copy and paste this from now on:

"I clearly do not like Lexus. Everybody needs to know I don't like Lexus. They're ugly. BMW is better. The end."

I like Lexus. As I has said before, I would drive a IS-F all day long. The LF-A is an incredible car. I just think Lexus styling is headed for the sh*tter. Take the LF-NX for example. If that is a sign of their future desing language, then they are going to ruin each model one by one. Really a shame considering the specs on RC-F look to be very good.

I currently am not interested in any new BMW's, they have become soft. The new M3/M4 is not very attractive either. BMW has lost their minds. No more normally aspirated engines, building EV's and hybrids, front wheel drive cars, joint ventures with Toyota, efficient dynamics, etc...

So your statement is way off. No, I don't hate Lexus. No, BMW is not better. Actually that have been losing many comparos. I just think this car's front end is straight up ugly.

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