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I appreciate what Lexus is doing, they're finally making their brand stand out, and they're getting serious about performance.

The styling isn't for everyone, but that's what they need to break away from their "boring, no road feel" past. They're headed in a new direction and these are the kind of cars they need to make to get peoples attention.

As of right now the styling isn't for me, the only thing I like is the gauges. I really have to see it in person, I've seen a few new IS's around and they don't look as bad in person.

I have a feeling this car will handle and perform great, but it won't outperform the M3/M4. It'll be too heavy, and while the v8 will pump out more hp and maybe match the torque, since it's N/A the torque won't come until higher revs, compared to the M3/M4 with it's lighter weight and torque down low. On it's own though I think this car will be a great performer, but I don't think it'll come out on top in comparison testing.
That's just my opinion of what I think will happen.