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Finished my first Crossfit class today!

Today was my 8th crossfit class over the past three weeks. All my previous classes I've been able to do the entire warm-up and strength, but when I finally get to the WOD I can only do 75% of whatever is planned.

Fuuuuuu... I hate burpees. All of the CF classes seem to be squat/quadraceps focused. I also noticed the place I go doesn't follow the WOD on, but I don't care.

Well today I did:
500m rowing

5 rounds of the following:
10 burpees
30 ext situps
50 jumping jacks
8 snatch squats
1 jump squats, add weight = 5 sets
5 rounds of the following:

8 press lifts
7 squats
18 kettlebell swings
8 inverted burpees (I did regular burpees, and for the last two rounds could only do push-ups)

**Every 5 min 10 ball wall throws (I don't remember the name of that)


I was the last person to finish (23:45), but I did the whole thing. I can't believe I've let myself get this out of shape.

It hurts like hell to walk up the stairs in the house, and hurts even more to sit on the toilet. I'll need a few days to recover, but I'm looking forward to going back for more.