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Thumbs up AiM Solo DL and AiM SmartyCam Review

Last weekend my AiM Solo DL and AiM SmartyCam were finally configured in an optimal configuration – both in physical location and software settings. I’ve been using both AiM products, which I purchased from Richard@M-World, for several months.

The purpose of using both the Solo DL and SmartyCam in tandem is to learn how to drive your car on the track without having to spend hours of seat time with an instructor. The Solo DL integrates with the ECU and records a plethora of data including throttle response, brake pressure, lap time, GPS speed, and the list goes on and on. The SmartyCam overlays the data collected by the Solo DL to a captured video file. When using the two products together an instructor can easily analyze collected data (e.g., brake points, the line, etc.) without having to be in the car with the driver.

The driver can also review data collected by the AiM products; for example, when I attended the HPDE event at TWS my instructor drove my car to capture a lap of data. I then used the data to review the line the instructor took, where the instructor braked/accelerated, etc.

I also found the Solo DL can be used to read data from the ECU that is not available via the cluster or iDrive: at TWS my car overheated with an “engine overheated” error. Engine oil temperature was available on the cluster but we used the Solo DL to read water temperature from the ECU to verify my car was indeed overheating.

Some of the downsides of the AiM products include: SmartyCam video is not HD; SmartyCam mic is not great (I’m looking to buy an external mic from AiM, though); there’s mix bag of software applications that are not intuitive.

I’ve barley scratched the surface about what the AiM products provide so please post questions / comments to this thread and I’ll attempt to answer as best I can.

Lastly, many thanks to Richard@M-World for helping me morph my M from a straight-line streetcar to a track-ready car that’s a blast to drive

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