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First of all, it's a depreciating asset, i don't think E9X M3s will depreciate any faster with the new model coming out versus when the E46 was in it's last year. If BMW is smart, they will have a 1 year gap between when E9X is discontinued and the new F model comes out to ensure the dealers don't cut prices to get the models out the door.

Secondly, based on the previews we've had, it's hard to gauge which one will be more sought after. The E9X will be the one and only NA V8 high revving M3 in the history of BMW.

Finally, the E9X will probably be discontinued 1 year earlier than previous generation and will have less overall numbers than all previous generations.

Based on all this, I personally think the E9X will retain value more than any other previous model and definintely will not decrease more in value simply because of of it's uniqueness. If you really worry about resale value, you should purchase a pre-owned 2011.

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