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Originally Posted by Norsk View Post
Good! So, you know... please replace those spectacle or please stop spreading the crap propaganda of mediocre engineers suffering from lack or creativity.
Well those was indeed hilarious pics . However, I for one choose not to be too hard on this car, nor unfair. Calling the IS-F designed by "mediocre engineers" is simply BS. Being an (ex) engineer myself I'd love to know how many are +1-ing this post have ever even taken a single engineering class? I like the looks OK (yes lots of copy cat here). I don't mind the nose at all. The oddest thing about the appearance to me is the large size ratio between height from bottom of side sill to bottom of window sill compared to bottom of window sill to roof line (i.e. the appearance of a squashed green house). The performance will be quite good and the price OK, prob. much less than E92/90 M3. Sure we know already with 95% confidence it won't be much of an E92/90 threat but I think in general folks are being way to hard on this car. Also a great driver in this car would probably be able to out drag or track most of us in an E92/90 M3. Keep that in mind as you bash away. Lastly don't forget how good competition is for your next ride whatever it is.