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Originally Posted by mgasaad View Post
Hello All, I am on the M3 waiting list at my local dealer and since I am waiting on DCT it seems that I will have to wait until 2009. I found a 06 M5 in great condition with 12000 miles only. Here is the problem, I am very concerned with the SMG on this car. I have never driven SMG before but when i drove this M5 it was love at first sight but I have to say the transmission is very harsh and confusing. even in full automatic mode and at the lowest setting it was still uncomfortable in a stop and go traffic. I also noticed that sometimes at a complete stop the car stays at 2nd gear and the launch afterward is very slow and clunky. The kind sales person advised me to try to anticipate the shift and left my foot off gas but that onlly made it worse. I am not sure if this in normal or if there is something wrong with this particular car. What makes me more worried are the negative reviews and owners complaints i read about SMG in the M5 2006 model in particular. My lack of experience with SMG is the reason I am seeking help here. I also have to mention that the car still has its warranty for the lease period i will have it for. I was also wondering if there is any way i can have the car's transmission checked by an independent party prior to commiting to it. Any input here will be highly appreciated.
The SMG learns your driving style... the previous owner probably didn't "step into" the engine much, so it has anticipated that your a casual driver.

Go re-drive that car and pound it from light to auto mode. It should start to adjust to YOUR driving style...!!