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2012 650i x-drive coupe -or- 2012-13 GTR(depending on the wait)

I was a previous e92 m3, and e60 m5 owner....i sold those cars about 2 years ago, and now have a 2011 cts-v sedan(6mt), and a 2011 Porsche Panamera 4s. I leased the cts-v considering, im not the biggest fan of american made vehicles, even though the V is really luxurious and sporty. So it's about time the cts-v is up on it's lease, and i'm stuck between two cars that I really love, but the only problem is they're completely different. One of the cars I loved was the new 650i coupe, it was simply amazing when i drove it. It had a good kick of power, and the interior was just absolutely amazing, and I feel like the exterior is quite sexy too. Another car, that I've always wanted to get was a Nissan GTR, and considering the 2012 got some incredible modifications, i was seriously considering that until I drove the 650i. Also, i know the 2013 gtr has been rumored to get another +40hp bump, and i think i'd feel pretty stupid just buying a 2012 when a few months later there's a slightly better version out. Anyways guys, i'd love to here what you think on those two cars.....and i apologize cuz i know this is an M forum.