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Jfyi guys on April 20th 2008

We would like to invite you guys on a bbq meet in Huntington Beach at Wheel Power...pls pass the word and start cleaning your cars as there will also be a show and shine competition!!! I have asked Thaichi808 to invite his friend DJ (very good DJ if i may add) aswell and pls no sweat shirt allowed (t shirt, tank top and bikini's are welcome):woohoo:
Enthusiast are all welcome...and hope to see more of the new M3's to come out and meet the owners...thanks

Meet starts at 9 a.m till ?

I will try to get some vendors and some prizes...



16401 gothard street huntington beach Ca 92647;_ylc=X3oDMTEx...h%20Ca%2092647

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our last wheelpower meet
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