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IB coupe and SSII sedan at my dealer!

IB coupe and SSII sedan at my dealer!

My dealer just got a coupe and sedan last night. Got a chance to drive it (yea unfortunately it was wet). Let me first say that I was very impressed. It met and exceeded my expectations in every way. In terms of appeal the sedan looked even better than I had expected. The concerns I had about the nose slopping too low were gone. It has a wide stance and it looks like it means business. Start it up and you quickly realize it does. The coupe is equally as beautiful and arguably even more sleek.

I got to drive the sedan and I'm still excited about it. First, the engine note is beautiful. It’s a V8 sound with a higher pitch. Very menacing when revved. I don’t want to give a full review as that has been done before but the engine is just magnificent. I tried to keep it civilized as the car only had a few miles on it. The engine just keeps pulling HARD even as you get close to redline (I shifted before redline and did this only twice so don’t get crazy on me I couldn’t help it). Where most cars feel like they loose their breath at redline the M feels like it could rip well past 9000rpms and still be pulling. The car just has so much power up in the rpm range. At one point I dropped it at around 80 mph and the tires broke lose…freighting. My take on its handling is inconclusive as it was a bit wet. I could write forever but I don’t want to babble. Oh yea, the price as equipped on the sedan was a whopping $70K (and that’s without DCT)!

An observation which I haven’t seen mentioned or read on here is about the traction control. When in its most aggressive driving mode (oh the car comes alive when you hit the button M button and you can actually hear and feel it jump) it seemed like the traction control was less intrusive in a straight line than when in a turn. I noticed this in a parking lot. Can anyone confirm that this is how it actually works?

All in all I give it two thumbs up. Coming from just anyone that might no mean much but take it for what its worth. Now its time to decide on sedan or coupe and color.

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