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I agree with you that circumcision is much healthier than the alternative, but all I was saying is that it cannot be used in the argument of salvation because it is no longer Biblically 'required.'

That’s what I don’t understand. It should still be required. It is impure for people to not be circumcised. Men haven’t changed physically in any way, so it should still be required. We Muslims believe in keeping the whole body pure so that we can pray and recite the Holy Quran. Very good hygiene is always a good thing.

I remember a story in which a Muslim was performing “wudhu” in an airplane toilet. One of the staff told him that he could not put his feet in the sink. He then asked her how many times a day she washed her face? She replied “once or twice”. He said: “I wash my feet 5 times daily, therefore my feet are cleaner than your face”.

One specific criterion is that he must be Jewish.

This is why Jews reject the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Prophet Musa (AS) [Moses], told the Jews of a prophet coming to Arabia. The Jews then thought that if they move to Arabia that Allah would make the prophet born into their progeny. However, Allah of course made the Holy Prophet (SAW) an Arab. This angered the Jews and they immediately rejected the Holy Prophet (SAW) out of spite!

But when Jesus came, the animal sacrifices stopped, and Jesus became the Sacrificial Lamb once and for all (Hebrews 9:11-15).

The animal sacrifices consisted of sending a goat into the wild after the priest puts the sins of the people on it. Hence, it “takes away” the sins of the people. This is where the term “Scapegoat” came from. So why did Jesus need to die if this goat didn’t have to die? Moreover, the goat took away the sins of the people at that time. It was a temporary thing. If the people sinned again, they would need to be forgiven again. So by saying that Jesus is the FINAL sacrifice that means that he PERMANENTLY takes away the sins of the people and no other sacrifice is needed. But we can see that Men keep sinning and Christians say that they should not sin…

The Bible teaches that we are naturally all sinners. (Romans 3:23).

I share this belief with you. Allah says in the Quran that “Man was created weak”. This enables Allah to exercise forgiveness. Also, the Holy Prophet (SAW) said that “Men are sinners but the best of sinners are those who repent”.

However, when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our life, we die to that sin, and become slaves to Christ.

Well, what about the people before Jesus? What about the people between Prophet Adam (AS) and Prophet Jesus (AS)?

As a Servant of Christ, I want to do good deeds, because I want to glorify God with what I do. Of course I sin, but because Christ died for my sins, and I believe and trust in Him that He did, I know my sins have been paid for.

But would it matter? If I adopt this belief then it will not matter who does good deeds and who doesn’t, because at the end of the say everyone’s sins have been paid for.

Another point I would like to make is that Jesus cannot be sacrificed for Prophet Adam (AS)’s sins. The original sin started with him, so why would God’s son be sacrificed? Also, Prophet Musa (AS) [Moses] said to God that if the Jews were not forgiven, then he wanted his name removed from the book. God replied that Prophet Musa (AS) [Moses]’s name did NOT have to be removed for God to forgive the Jews.

Your heart (soul) is what is at stake. What I am trying to say, is that the foods you eat don't have an eternal impact on salvation or anything of the sort.

But we cannot forget our purpose on this earth is to remain pure in every way. Men are created in a certain way; if something is not good for them then they should refrain from it. Also, your actions reflect the person you become, and we Muslims believe that we will be judged for our actions on this Earth.

I can go into some serious detail on this one

Islam goes into great depth about what we can eat and not eat. Islam also tells us how to slaughter animals. One example of great depth in Islam, is the fact that we can eat fish but not if the fish died and was found dead and floating in the sea. There is much more information on this in great depth, but I’m sure you get the idea…