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Christians do not go around saying Christianity is the only way because they are arrogant, stupid or judgmental. They do so because, based on the evidence, they believe what Jesus said.

Well, from the bible we learn that Jesus prayed with his head on the ground, he refrained from eating pork, he fasted, he kept a beard. He was even circumcised. These are all muslim beliefs. Infact, in the bible it says that “if circumcision is not carried out, then the scriptures are broken”. But these days Christians do not follow these things mentioned in the bible.

Christianity is not based upon evidence...but it is backed by evidence. Obviously anyone could “claim” to be God. The difference with Jesus is that His life completely backed those claims.

The new testament manuscripts amount to 24,000 but only 30 letters are in the bible. How can we say that God’s word and the true message is in the bible today?