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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
EXACTLY!! Lets also not forget how the tax system breaks down, Something like 47% of Americans pay 0% effective in taxes... Wait a minute i guess that guy was right, maybe we do have an income problem
Originally Posted by ideliver View Post
Not only do they pay no income tax, all of their social security tax and Medicare tax get refunded via the "earned income credit"

Also, the EIC is "refundable" meaning that you fan get out more than you pay in.

So, if you had $1000 in federal tax withheld and another $1500 in FICA, you can still get the full EIC back ($5000 average... Google for the various amounts)

So, many get a check from the government of the real tax payers $$$
Originally Posted by ideliver View Post
"they" and "their" are the 50% of the population that pay no income tax...
Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
But thats not what you said in your post. What you mean and what others perceive you ment maybe two different things. Don't you agree..?
I really fail to understand your comments..."THEY" is a plural pronoun that clearly references the post just above/below...where is your mind at??

Words have meanings...the meanings are clear as written...

Do you have anything constructive to add to the discussion about tax policy/Laffer curves/refundable tax credits???
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