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Clearcoat repair from emblem removal

I've removed emblems, pin striping, decals, etc, off of many cars. Took the trunk emblems off my 330i, no issues. I use my heat gun to soften up the adhesive and voila, magic. In fact, my wife's Jetta had old pin striping that was a PITA to remove. I had to get it nice and hot, almost too hot to touch, to get it to come off. Last evening, I proceeded to heat up the M3 emblem on the rear trunk (it was faded and needed to come off) to prep it for the gloss black M3 that I ordered. Emblem came off fine, when I went to remove the tape with my fingernail, the clear came off as well. I didn't realize it was the clear until it was too late. The rear has been re-painted but I have never seen clear do this for me. Now I did order the slightly larger F80 M3 emblems and it looks like it will cover most of this. I applied my touch-up clear to most of this and is there a way to "blend" this in as to not be too obvious? Again, the new emblem will cover the worst parts.

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