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Wild rabbit!

Did a track day at NJMP Lightning on Friday with Hooked on Driving. First time with this organization. Nice guys, great lunch, but only three run groups, so intermediate was basically the Wild West. Generally poor discipline, lots of people reluctant to give point-bys or just oblivious, big speed differentials, and occasional instructors mixing into the group (one of which passed at liberty without waiting for point-bys). I really should have run with advanced, but I didn't because I hadn't run with them before. One of the HOD organizers acknowledged that intermediate can be dicey with its mix of people just advancing out of the beginner group and others who are ready for advanced.

Anyway, great weather and my Dad flew in from out of town to see me run. It was a good time for him. This was the first run of the day, in which an older VW Golf/Rabbit was whipping around in wild, three-wheeled fashion, and spun right in front of me. Glad I decided to hold my line to avoid him. The driver and car were okay and got back to the paddock under their own power. My Dad was riding shotgun with me this session and I think it was a real eye-opener.

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