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Deals on video cams I see track guys use.

Hey guys, there's a few deals I found on cameras if anyone's interested, just thought I'd point them out to people looking for a camera to use on the track.

One on Ebay, GoPro HD Motorsports for $190.00 and free shipping. Motorsports one comes with suction cup mount to put on your car, and also a tri-pod mount so you can use it normally, as well as the protective case for the camera. Doesn't come with a memory card though.

Also one on Amazon, ContourHD. $140.00 plus free shipping, comes with nothing but a helmet mount and a 2 gig memory card. I checked Amazon, tripod mount is like 16 bucks, and 16 gig memory card is another 10 bucks plus shipping 'cuz I think the 2 gig is useless. Didn't check prices for any protective case or suction mount, but those usually go for a bit more too.

I think the GoPro is the better deal here, but if you want just a camera and nothing else, the Contour is a good 50 bucks cheaper. I got a ContourHD, I'm just going to ghetto-rig the helmet mount with my GoPro's roll bar mount and make it work, save $50.00. Hope this helps some people though, happy Christmas shopping guys.

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