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Originally Posted by CorneringSpeed View Post
Thanks for all the ideas! Just to briefly respond to some of them:
- 911s' and the GT-R's back seats are for bags, not humans. Wonderful cars, but not this time for me...
- AM Vantage has no back seats at all. DB9 is not bad...
- Ferrari 612 is an interesting option. Not the prettiest of all Prancing Horses, but a compelling compromise...
- I don't like the look and proportions of the Panamera, no matter how good/fast it is.
- Jag XKR is fast and light - weights the same about an M3 and has 80 more HP. But something is just strange with its looks. The Aston Martins are more elegant but probably not better.

Finally, I don't think it's the number of seats or the body style that makes a car a true sports car. I think it's more about the driving dynamics and how confident and agile it feels on the track when pushed hard.

Thanks everyone for all input!

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