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I think what you saw was a reference to one of the TV talking heads saying that Gingrich killed his own run for President by how he was answering some questions in an interview.

Some people thought the TV talking head was actually announcing the official end to Gingrich's campaign, instead of just using colorful language to make a point about how badly Gingrich was doing answering questions.

Gingrich's problem is that he wants to think of himself as a policy moderate, while in practice he can't resist throwing whatever extremist partisan bomb he can get his hands on. His desire to throw bombs and create as much political damage as possible to Democrats leads to him making statements that he later has to retract (flip-flop) when he wants to go back to making moderate policy statements.

He's a man who wants to be a rational moderate policy wonk, but then goes on a bomb-throwing bender like an alcoholic going on a drinking bender. It feels good at the time, but in the morning it hurts to face the consequences. Gingrich will never be a serious candidate until he can get in control of his addiction to Donald Trump/Sarah Palin style bomb-throwing, and gets some message discipline.

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