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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
Per the manual:

Approved oils belong in the following viscosity classes: SAE 0W40, SAE 0W30, SAE 5W40, and SAE 5W-30.

Actually see no mention of the 10W60 weight in the manual.
You're looking in the manual for the general 3 Series cars. You need to be looking in the M3 Supplement, which DOES specify 10W-60 as the ONLY approved oil class, but under "Alternative oil types" says:

You can add small quantities of other synthetic oils. Only use oils with the following specifications:

Preferred: SAE 10W-60;
Alternative: SAE 10W-40, SAE 5W-50 or SAE 10W-50

API SJ/CF, API SK/CF or higher

So OP, it looks like none of those weights you found at Walmart would be good. I agree with others, just ask your SA for a bottle of OEM next time; many give you one for free, considering it part of Ultimate Service. And also for next time, before posting here, . Just make sure you read the RIGHT manual.

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