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Originally Posted by ZX6Rman View Post
I needed new rear tires (almost worn and a nail in the left). The car was at the dealership for a car wash, I was quoted $550 per PS2 tire installed by them. I almost said go ahead, but I asked the parts guy if there are any other tires that I should consider. He's reply was, "no, you have to use PS2s because they are RAN FLATS and if you use non ran flats your TPM will not work"............ What a BS.
Needless to say, I said thanks but no thanks. I really thought that the dealer (and employees) suppose to know the cars they sell well enough to service/sell them. I guess I am wrong again.

I read the forum and found out about the Sessantas.
Made a few calls and found them in Long Beach (30 miles drive) for $200 each (total for 2 installed/tax was $478)
The 245/35/19 fronts are back-ordered so I ordered them online and I will get them next week. I am waiting (impatiently of course).

For less than the price of 2 PS2s I am getting 4 new Sessantas.

Since Sessantas don't come in our OEM rear tire size I went with 275/35/19 and not the 275/30/19 that other members have bought.

I found a tire size calculator online and plugged the numbers.
It looked like the 275/35/19 diameter is closer to the OEM tire so I decided to go with it.

I hope it makes sense.

"Ran Flats" - like that! Your decision is spot on; 35 section is the better choice, IMO.

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