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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
So, the people who actually pay taxes enable that to happen then, there's no "asphalt fairy" who comes in the middle of the night to provide this service for free?

And yet, those who pay no income taxes, and thus contribute an incredibly miniscule fraction of all tax dollars collected (only via sales tax, etc), get to enjoy those roads just the same as those who actually pay the lions share of the cost of them ? Wow, that sounds like a good deal.

I know if it wasnt for the infrastructure that business owners foot most of the bill for, then my employer wouldnt exist, and I wouldnt have a job. Fortunately those of us (including me) who are NOT 1%-ers realize that expensive stuff that makes our lifestyle possible is all subsidized heavily by others. At least some of us realize how good we have it, last thing you need is to create incentives for the "financial enablers" to take their ball and play somewhere else, especially considering that never in history has it been easier, and more lucrative, to do so.
Here's something i dont get. We all have access to the same roads. We all have public school paid for. Apparently according to Obama we aren't more successful for being smarter or harder working. What is it? its everybody else that makes us succeed? How, if everyone else is just as dumb and unsuccessful? And what about the people who don't succeed? they failed because other people held them down?

If you take any of what he said to its conclusion you're left with a whole lot of whhhaaaat????? how?????