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Originally Posted by Gemcoska View Post
Hey Technic, you still think we'd be missing the midbass if we didn't upgrade the 8" subs under the seat and just added a 10" sub in the trunk?
I think that there is plenty of midbass (up to 250Hz-300Hz) in the SWS-8, but only if you tweak it with an EQ between the 140Hz and 200Hz bands. What the SWS-8 lacks is the borderline subsonic bass between 20Hz and 35Hz, IMO. That's where a 10"+ proper sub do its "thing".

You will need some serious 4" mid drivers to have real midbass out of them, and most probably they will not fit in the OEM mounts, so the SWS-8 got to do it instead. In my Premium system, the OEM 4" component drivers are pretty solid down to 150Hz, but lower than that you will notice that the upper midbass will be gone. So I crossover the SWS-8 at 150Hz, and increase the gain a little in between the 140Hz and 200Hz bands for the 4" drivers, for that mid "punch".

I think that I blew one of the OEM crossovers trying to test how low the 4" OEM drivers can go with 150W RMS...