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Originally Posted by Hammer View Post

i m considering about a little upgrade for my soundsystem.

i ve bought my M3 with the Individual(some call it "Premium")-System. I m not truely happy with the subs (not enaugh shaking my stomach) and therefor i m going to upgrade the subs beneath the frontseats to SWS8 Earthshakers with a matching amp in the trunk.

i would like to know your opinion.
As far as i know some boardmembers allready upgraded this and i d especially like to adress them: "how" hugh is this difference between individual "stock" and the SWS8?

Might i need to add another passiv sub in the trunk to get a really noticeable upgrade or will these SWS8 make the difference like day and night?
You shouldn't expect glass shattering bass from 2 SWS-8s. You'll need something that can move a little more air for that. You'll want at least a 10" sub or two in the trunk. I had a single 10" sub in my last car that got stupid loud but it wasn't your run of the mill 10" sub. It was a pretty high end sub running off 1500W RMS in a ported enclosure.
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