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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
The Amuse web site says 40HP for full headers, exhaust, and 13.1CR pistons. But the problem is (and it's a real problem), if you look at footnote #2 very closely, you will find they admit they made up these numbers.

Unless Amuse publishes real numbers, I'm guessing it will take take quite a while until they come available. I have ordered one of these exhausts, but delivery is a few months away (custom made, plus shipping). I plan to dyno the results after it arrives and is installed on my car.

With that in mind, I dynoed the car today to get a baseline. I will publish pics and data next week when I return home. Baseline was 412.5 HP (adjusted for chassis dyno calibration losses).
Thanks so much for the info

Another question, how is the companies English? I have studied Japanese for 3 years and can read basic Katakana/Hiragana.

If I call them at their website, how is their English support. For some reason, your confidence in the company is making me want to order one, the 980,000 Yen system.

Also, for that amount, did you CC# them, or offer deposit/paid in full?

Any details would be appreciated, since I am in the market for a top end exhaust. I can not speak Japanese, but can read/understand it. Please let me know how their department works!