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Originally Posted by ShocknAwe View Post
Love it when people quote money savings in terms of fuel not purchased for EVs. Where do you think the power to charge the battery comes from exactly? It's not free.
Who would lease a $52k commuter car and not do the cost savings homework? Come on, give us some more credit.

I've calculated it based on peak hours charging for the sake of being extra critical.

My i3 gets 4.3mile/kWh real world. My energy bill states $0.16729/kWh delivery and $0.07477/kWh Generation.
Thats a total of $0.24206/kWh.
Cost per mile is: $0.05629302326 or $0.06.

My M3 gets 21.5 real world MPG. Price of premium is $3.35/gal
Cost per mile is: $0.16.

So you can see, I'm saving at least $0.10 a mile. At 10k miles a year, that's $1000 a year.

BUT, it get's better. You see, the i3 comes with 3 years FREE CHARGING. I charge at work so I only have to pay for about half my commute. So I'm only paying $0.03/mile. Im actually saving $900/year. If I really wanted to, I could just not plug in at home and pay $0.00/mile for my i3, but I like the piece of mind of having a fully charged car in the morning. Call me OCD.

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