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Originally Posted by Neil McRae View Post
I simply looped the cable around the holder and user a Velcro stick on to stick it to the back of the holder.

however - I gave up on this solution:

1: it won't charge the phone
2: the sound quality is shocking with background hiss and crackles.

Instead I did the combox upgrade and use a regular lightning cable. cost about 400 but worth every penny IMO - great sound and charges the phone.

That's a good idea just to clean up the wiring.

I have the older pre LCI version of iDrive and I think the previous owner might have had an aftermarket iPod adapter as the wire is in the glove box rather than armrest and the menu is through the CD interface menu rather than a seperate USB/ iPod interface.

Currently I have a a firewire iPod cable to usb ipod cable adapter (sold by Scosche) so that it charges and then I have the usb ipod cable to Lightning adapter... so you can imagine 2 adapter connected in series.

It does recognize and charge the iPhone, I can access the artist/ album/ etc via iDrive and on the phone itself. If I access Pandora on the phone, artist info will show up on the iDrive and I can just use the phone to scroll my music as well which is why I'd rather have it be in a more convenient position to access rather than glove box.

I get nice, clear, solid sound out of it as well.... hissing or crackles might be a bad connector or a bad wire... I was getting that in my VW's as soon as the VW interface cables go bad...

I would get the Combox... but that would mean retrofitting a newer iDrive unit as well... I'd rather put that money towards performance mods for the track

Anyhow here are pictures of my previous setup in my GTI, I just have to get the Proclip dash mount and transfer it all over to the M3 now.

In the GTI I have an iPod female to iPod male extension coming from the armrest, tucked under the panneling, and into a lightning cable adapter