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just curious... to me it depends on the bottom line dollar amount and what you put down as well. I believe APR is 3.5% thereabouts. What terms of the lease? If I wanted to lease my 2013, which I didnt, I had a payment at 600. Also BMWNA has a security deposit lease plan (a bit higher) but I would do it if youre leasing.... get cash back in the end. need more info, but if you like 8's for payments, all good.
Current base rate for leasing an M3 is .00130 (or 3.12% converted). With the 7 extra security deposits there would be a reduction of .00049 adjusting the m.f. to .00081 (or 1.944%). Not a bad return of investment knowing the security deposits will be refunded at lease end. Could that (roughly) $5600 in S.D.'s be better used elsewhere, perhaps. For those who lease, it is a good option that few CA's and/or Finance Managers discuss as an option. Most seem to focus on cap reduction.

Slight tangent, if using MSD's, the amount can not be directly applied to the next lease. You'll need to put another amount down and wait for the refund. How long will it take? From my last lease, I received my funds within 30 days.