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Originally Posted by MadDog
Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
speaking of kitchen drains, i have the same problem at my house as well.

we do have a garbage disposal and have used the key to use the "self clean" function on it and have tried every snake & drain chemical there is.

right now i think it is more than a clog, never been this bad before. i am debating weather or not to call roto rooter and use their camera service.

any of you guys have experience with roto rooter? also is it safe to run kitchen sink w/o garbage disposal?

im hoping this is simple that can be easily fixed cause the last thing i want is to tear the wall down to fix the pipe behind the kitchen sink...

Using the key on the garbage disposal isn't going to unclog your plumbing.

Did you put potato peels in the disposal? The starch in the potato peels sticks to the pipe walls, clogging them.

In the diagram below, the pipe in red has a diverter in it, so the water coming from the other sink doesn't start flowing up. This is the pipe that usually gets clogged.
Sorry for the late response. Was quite busy earlier.

My sink looks exactly like that. When I use the left sink, the water will get backed up on the left sink and eventually flooding the right sink.

I will look into that red part you highlighted and see if it will fix the clog.

Thanks guys